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HFCTA Members Attend TIG/m ViaTran Demo in Santa Cruz

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

HFCTA members attended the Coast Futura sponsored TIG/m ViaTran demo in Santa Cruz on Thursday, October 21st. This is the first time a hydrogen fuel cell powered rail vehicle has run in the United States.

Members rode along this corridor, starting at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and ending at Capitola Bluffs, then returning along the same line.

Teresa Jefferson and HFCTA president, Gordon Jefferson, on board the TIG/m ViaTran:

Members Rebecca Hunter and Jenalea Smith on board:

One of the many picturesque views along the route:

ViaTran designer and TIG/m President, Brad Read:

Coast Futura event organizer, Barry Scott, welcoming participants:

For details on the 6-day event that included two-day demo rides in Watsonville and four-day demo rides in Santa Cruz, see the sponsor's, Coast Futura, website,

More photos from the day:

Coast Futura members selling caps and buttons.

Teresa and Gordon Jefferson, HFCTA President

HFCTA member, Rebecca Hunter (Coast Futura members/volunteers in background)



Unknown member
Nov 02, 2021

That's the ultimate dream, Marina, to transfer all diesel engines to zero emission hydrail! Because Amtrak is owned by the federal government, California emission standards don't apply. Thanks for your comment!!!


Oct 28, 2021

How wonderful if this could be expanded up and down the coast. How does the cost compare to the Amtrak? I like the train looks super futuristic!

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